Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some More Flowers

I thought it was time to post some more pictures. All that plain typing is getting boring. These pictures are rather old. Our flowers are dying back for the fall now. Just as the veggie garden is really taking off. We now have cherry tomatoes coming out of our ears, as well as cucumbers. They are really good, but there are only so many cherry tomatoes that two people can eat. I'm now trying to think of friends who might like some. Some of the big tomatoes are ripe now, too. We already ate the first two and there are more out there ready to be picked. I'm going to make salsa as soon as I have enough of them at once. Yummy!

Anyway, here is the hydrangea we planted this year. It's a nice pretty pink. Still blooming, it is.

Here is the oleander that we also planted this year. It is pretty small, but don't worry - it won't be small for long. These guys get really big so we will have to keep it pruned. We don't want it to get out of control.

And finally, this is Penstemmon. We planted it last year not really knowing what it was at the time. It turned out to be a very pleasing pink flower and adds needed height to our planting beds.


gmj said...

Is this the "smell good" oleander? I never get to see it except when we go to FL. Isn't it poisonous?

Monica said...
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Tracy said...

i didn't notice that they smelled nice. But they are such a unique flower and they have an extremely long bloom time. They last for at least a month.

YEs, they are poisonous, but I wasn't planning on eating them anyway... :o)

Martha said...

Cucumbers and tomatoes coming out of your ears! I can relate to that.

joeks said...

I like all the pink flowers!
I told the guys (hubby and son) to pull up most of the cucumber plants, I'm done making pickles for the year.

kristina said...

I love fresh salsa! I would like to get some cucumbers and make pickles too.