Friday, August 03, 2007

Another one of those weeks

Are you ready for another sob story about my busy week? This one actually contains an interesting piece of news. See if you can spot it...

First, as you may remember from the previous post, I went into work on Monday to finish up my work project. I spent four hours on it. I must tell you that this project is very interesting, but the chart review itself is very tedious work. Looking at box after box of numbers (blood sugars) and counting the hours of monitoring that they represent, categorizing them, adding it all up to make sure it matches. Chart after chart - 30 of them. But it is done! The results were very interesting and will make an impression. My boss was very pleased with what I had done which makes me really happy.

Counting the partial day Monday, I worked each day this week. As I have mentioned before, I have become a real wimp since I am used to working only three days a week. It wears on me more when I don't go to bed at the hour that I should - which I did not do this week. So I got about 6-7 hours sleep each night when I should have gotten 8, no one to blame there but myself.

Then, on top of all this working, Denis and I have had paperwork and phone calls each day. We are purchasing my brother's property from him. Go here to see a picture from a previous post. This is the large lot adjacent to ours with a rental house and my mom's house on it. Us buying it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. It is securing the house for my mom, gaining some real estate for us and relieving my brother from the burden of that mortgage. We are trying to complete the transaction quickly so that they won't have to make another mortgage payment. So it's been calling, picking up papers, signing them in the evening, gathering documents, dropping them off, having a sale contract made up, etc, etc.

So the end result is that I have had some really crabby moments this week. I'm tired of coming home from work and having more things that need to get done. I'm glad we are nearing the end. Next week I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That'll be a trip. Hopefully it won't be too weird.


gmj said...

Congrats!!! You are now a ahh, ahhh, own a monolopy? LOL, Hotels next ?? And yea!!! Three days next Week!!!!!

Kim said...

I can totally relate to your wimpyness. It is hard to work a lot of days when you are used to working only a few and used to having large chunks of time to get all of those other things done. Did you read Martha's post? I think it was one of those weeks for many of us. I hope you enjoy your week days off next week. We are both off on Tuesday, we should do coffee! Oh yeah, you live in Oregon. Oh well. Congrats on the property!

Kim said...

I really don't think you are a wimp but I do think it's interesting that your main complaint is that you are too busy and that is usually mine too.