Monday, May 12, 2008

Going to Sydney!

Denis and I were trying to think of where we could go for our big vacation this year. We've been talking about taking a really big trip for a number of years, but never took the plunge to buy tickets. Well, this is the year. We bought our tickets and are going to Sydney, Australia in September! I was able to get one ticket with my frequent flyer miles, so we only had to buy one ticket. We are going to visit all our wonderful blogging friends that have become such a part of our lives. Ruth and Nixter, the dearest two, plus Erin, Rodeoclown and Craig. I'm hoping that we can find time to fly to Tasmania and back to meet the great Pablo (and his mum, Kate) as well as Mike and Christine.

Ruth is going to help me plan our activities and accomodations. We have to come up with a list of people we want to see and places we want to go.

I would like to see this fellow in the Toronga Zoo. Isn't that the cutest picture?

We are just getting started with our research. Will keep you posted.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Busy Weekend

These are pictures from last week when we were busy pricing all the items for the garage sale this weekend. So I guess I should have titled this post a busy week! The sale was pretty successful. None of us made a ton of money, but we did get rid of some of the largest items that we really wanted to be rid of.

An interesting thing to note is that Denis and I were not actually around for much of the garage sale taking place at our house. We both worked on the first day of the sale, Friday. Saturday afternoon, we left for a wedding at 12:30 and didn't return until the sale was over. And Sunday we went to church and then out to a local vineyard to pick up our wine club selections. We returned in time to make quick work of the pack up. A local charity will be picking up all the left-overs on Wednesday or next weekend.

So who was manning our sale while we were gone? Our staff - my mom and her good friends who came down from Yakima, WA for the occasion. They have a whole system for doing garage sales and did SOOO much work. I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures of the "staff" at work, though. We had them over for dinner (with our locally produced wine) last night as a thank you.