Sunday, June 25, 2006

The railing is completed and installed. Doesn't it look great? It matches the pergola that Denis built last summer - you can only barely see it in this picture off to the right in our little courtyard.

It has finally gotten very warm here in Medford. It was in the 100's yesterday and is to get up there again today. This is typical weather here, it has just been delayed in arriving this summer.

Our garden is doing well, for those of you keeping track. Our new roses have each had some blooms on them. The california poppies finally showed themselves and the gladiolus greenery is out, hopefully both will soon have flowers.


kt said...

aren't home additions fun. thanks for dropping a note on my blog. how did you find me? yes, i do remember you. i didn't remember you lived in S. Oregon. i was going to direct you to a picture of Scott and Jenna's boys that i had on my blog, but i guess the archives don't go back that far. i think it was in Feb of 2005. anyway, nice to hear from you. i tried to email you from your profile, but it didn't work so the whole world gets to see my little "hello"

Priscilla said...

The porch railing looks nice! Been very rainy here in NY state. A bit on the humid side...but only in the 70's.