Friday, June 23, 2006

The Latest

Denis has been hard at work for days making a railing for our porch. He is almost done now. Here is the first section going up. It is all cedar wood and just a clear stain to leave the natural color. It looks great! Isn't he talented? He used all the saws he has accumulated so far; miter, table, ummmm.... maybe that's it.

We watched a David Grey concert DVD last night. I was very impressed with that man's talent! He played the keyboard on just two songs. The rest, he played guitar and he played well. He has a penchant for cool-sounding open chords and chords played up high on the neck which sound really different because they are an octave higher than you usually hear them. Denis identified the guitars that he played - a Lowden and a Guild. (He just looks at the neck and body and tells me what type it is, isn't that something!?) But I was afraid that Mr. Grey was going to get whiplash or a concussion from the way that he bobbed his head from side to side all night.

We are going to see Bruce Cockburn tonight at the Britt festival in Jacksonville. Bruce is a musician who Denis and I both really enjoyed listening to before we met. In fact, my taste for his music is one of the key things that sparked Denis' interested in me. I have heard that his concerts are great, so I'm quite excited.

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