Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We just got back from the Grange Co-op store and made our planting selections. Here are the seeds we bought:

  • lettuce
  • corn
  • bush beans
  • cucumber
  • sweet basil
  • chives
  • carrots
  • parsley
  • scallions
We also bought some plants already started - tomatoes (one cherry and one "early girl"), jalapeƱo pepper, banana pepper, and yellow squash. What do you all think? Did we pick well? I hope it will all fit. I'm a little concerned about the lettuce because it will not germinate if the soil is too warm. And we forgot to get a soil thermometer.


gmjlm2 said...

Sounds yummy!! Start the lettuce inside? I planted my jalapeno pepper next to my green pepper one year, they cross pollenated! very flavorfull green peppers. :o)

Martha said...

Sounds great to me! I hear if the beds are dug "double deep" you can fit more vegetables in a smaller area. They say the roots are able to grow deeper and it makes for healthier plants. I'm not too sure mine are double deep this year.

Gudl said...

Good luck with your garden! It is always great to finally harvest, right?
I think you picked well.

Kim said...

It sounds good to me. We can't have veggies (unless they are fenced in) because our dog will eat them.

Martha said...

We once had a dachshund who picked beans. She was the perfect height!

kristina said...

I must be feeling left out because I bought a bag of dirt and re-potted my house plants.

My friend's dog picks raspberries right off the bush.