Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wendy Talbot

Okay, so I have really been in the mood for listening to old music these days. I dug out my old cassette tape of Wendy Talbot called People of Promise. This is Terry Talbot's wife and John Michael Talbot's sis-in-law, if memory serves. I am really digging this tape for the theological impact of the songs. Here are the lyrics to my favorite song from it. Read them carefully, maybe twice to get the full impact.

A father walked with his only son
The light of his life, his beloved one
On the son's strong back the wood was tied
As they climbed the hill, the son inquired
Where is the lamb?
Where is the lamb?
And Abraham cried, "My son must die! He is the lamb."

And he tied his son and he raised his knife
For the Lord had commanded the sacrifice.
But the angel cried, "Spare the boy."
And the two embraced in tears of joy.
Where is the lamb?
Where is the lamb?
And Abraham cried, "My son arise! There is a lamb."

"Oh blessed are you Abraham, who would give your son at My command.
You have not withheld your best from me. For this I give my best for thee."

A father walked with his only son.
The light of his life, his beloved one.
On the son's strong back the wood was tied
For sin demands a heavy price.
Where is the lamb?
Where is the lamb?
And the Lord God cried, "My Son must die! He is the Lamb."
And the Lord God cried, "My Son arise! He is the Lamb."

Reread the Bible story to see the text she draws from in Genesis 22:1-19. The correlations between Abraham's trial and God's sacrifice of Christ are just amazing to me. It gives me chills to think about it. Oh the wisdom of God, how he foreshadowed all through history who Christ was to be!


Martha said...

I love these kind of songs because they paint such a vivid picture and really make me think. I used to listen to Michael Card and wonder at the word pictures the Lord gave him.

Tracy said...

Yes, I like Michael Card's songs too. They make you think about theology. As I was listening to this casette the other night, just about each song had a particular line that made me think - "yes, that's right!"

One that stands out is a suite that she did about Noah and the flood. It's a whole series of songs that tell the story. When the rain is falling the line says.

"It was a flood of anger
It was a rain of tears
it was a spring of renewal
it was a sea of grace.... for Noah
for all God's beloved shall walk above the waves."

When we read of the flood, it is showing God's justice - He does punish sin because He is holy. Yet, we don't often realize that His grace was also displayed toward mankind in that same story.

doognewton said...

Hi Tracy,

I have had a nostalgic week-- somewhat heavy. I found myself reflecting back to the days of the jesus people and the beauty of first love. I lived in Eureka Springs, arkansas durig some of those years where the Little Portion is located. Thus I was able to meet Wendy and Terry and loved the music. Today I listened to some of John Michael Talbot's early music on You Tube and tonight I was trying to find some of Terry and Wendy and Mary's music and found your blog! Can you add some of People of Promise to your playlist?

Tracy said...

Hi Doogenewton,

I thought that was a fabulous idea, but there are no tracks available from Wendy Talbot at all on that Project Playlist site. I also did a google search and found nothing. There is a cassette of People of Promise on ebay right now - it costs $35 to "buy it now". So now I really feel good about having that cassette! :o)

There were two selections from John Michael Talbot, but I didn't care for either of them. They were very slow. the JMT tape that I have has very upbeat songs that I really like.

Jimster49 said...

(My 1st blog!) While searching for Wendy Talbot and "People Of Promise", I discovered that she is now married to Don Francisco and is on his website, complete with downloads. Check it out!---Jimster49

Anonymous said...

I found Wendy Talbot's "People of Promise"in downloadable mp3 form at

Joe said...

Terry, thanks for the lyrics (Lamb) Ive been thinking about that song for some time, started searching and found your blog. Love Wendy's voice and her great lyrics. I have recently started a tech/news blog if you'd like to check it out. God Bless, Joe

Tracy said...

I'm so pleased at the continued hits this post has received. It's fascinating how many people have found it through a google search.

fuglefun said...

Thank you I found the song I was longing to find because of this post