Thursday, May 17, 2007

Portland here we come!

Well, not just quite yet... We leave on Friday just as soon after I get off work as possible. Tonight I will have to pack and clean my house a bit so I probably won't have a chance to write a post.

Our plans are finalized and me thinks it's going to be a lot of fun. The first four nights we are going to be staying in Forest Grove, a small outlying town west of the city. A friend of mine from college, Frank, and his family live there - they have a 4 (I think) year old son. We're going to spend a couple of days doing activities with them. Here's the agenda:

  • Sat - go to Portland Saturday Market and possibly other downtown activities, time allowing. Attend church at the church I attended for 7 years.
  • Sun - meet T at 11 to drive over the river to GMJ's house to sample her much raved about eats. In the evening go to a party with my former coworkers.
  • Mon - some kind of day trip with Frank and family. In the evening, dinner with my former next-door neighbors and friends.
  • Tues - We change locations, staying at the Kennedy School (where I have wanted to stay for some time) in Northeast Portland. Afternoon and evening with good friends who just had a baby girl.
  • Wed - NO PLANS! We have the last day to ourselves to do anything that we want. We stay at a bed and breakfast in NE Portland.
  • Thurs - home... I'm sure it will be good to be home by then.
  • Fri - back to work.


gmjlm2 said...

You have a busy week planned! Who will take care of the kitties? See ya on Sun.

Priscilla said...

Sounds fun! Post pictures!

Martha said...

Welcome home!

Brian Slind said...

Hi Tracy,
Thats great that your staying at a B&B in Portland. Let me know what you thought of the place and if you have any ideas or suggestions for this B&B owner. :-)

There is a great B&B south of Hood River, its called Mt. Hood Hamlett B&B. Kathy and I stayed there our first night together. The room we had was great. A big picture window looked right at Mt. Hood.

Hope you had a great trip to Portland. Kathy and I are heading that way in early July. Were going over to meet my parents for a 7 day cruise to Alaska. I am really looking forward to it. I need a break.

Take care.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Martha! Yes, we're back.

Brian, We actually stayed at two different B&B's. They were both really low-key ones. Retired folks who turned their extra rooms into rent-able rooms. Both of them were fine, but I think I've concluded it's worth paying a bit more for a more middle of the line B&B for the more professional treatment. But these two were bargains, so it was fine. Kennedy School was great! Definitely plan to stay at the other McMennamin's properties as well.

thanks for the tip on the one at Mt. Hood. I'll have to look for it.