Sunday, June 03, 2007

100 things

1. I am right-handed.
2. I have 20/20 vision in each eye still.
3. I can see 20/15 with both eyes together.
4. I was the only person in my family who didn't need glasses.
5. I really wanted glasses when I was younger.
6. I have heard that most people need glasses soon after turning 40.
7. I look pretty good in glass frames when I try them on.
8. I tend to lose my sunglasses so I'm afraid that I will lose real glasses once I need them.
9. I have very sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses most of the time when I drive during the day.
10. My eyes are green (or hazel, cause they change depending on what I'm wearing).
11. My hair is getting very gray. (it's shocking)
12. I started coloring my hair regularly just before my wedding.
13. I once swore I would never permanently color my hair.
14. I didn't want to suddenly go gray with a severe root grow out line.
15. I color my hair partly because Denis prefers it colored.
16. I prefer to live in either a major city or in a small town.
17. Medford is an in-between size. Kind of like living in the suburbs of a city.
18. I moved here because my mom was here and my brother was moving away.
19. I built my house before I was planning to marry Denis.
20. I found my floor plan in one of those books that you can buy in the store.
21. I had it modified so that I could have a real pantry and laundry room.
22. The master bedroom is smaller than average because of that.
23. Denis and I love our little house.
24. My parents were divorced when I was 11 years old.
25. My father was an alcoholic.
26. I didn't know he was until after the divorce.
27. He tended to drink away all our money, leading to the divorce.
28. My mom protected my brother and I by taking us to a friend's house when my dad came home drunk.
29. My dad was a happy drunk as far as I can remember (he would joke around and wasn't mean).
30. I attended some Alanon meetings with my mom after the divorce.
31. I still remember some of the Alanon principles from those meetings.
32. My dad quit drinking 2 years too late.
33. He was court ordered to take Anatabuse after a DUI conviction. (it makes you sick if you drink)
34. My mom had custody of my brother and I.
35. I'm really glad that she did.
36. I'm really grateful to my mom for the way that she parented me.
37. My dad lived on the other side of Portland.
38. It was a 45 minute drive to his house.
39. We only saw him about 2 times a year.
40. I felt kind of guilty about that until I was in college.
41. Then I realized that it was his fault that we didn't see him since he was the dad.
42. My father died when I was in college during spring break.
43. It was really awkward to go back to school after spring break.
44. People would ask me how my vacation was without realizing what the answer was going to be.
45. I became a Christian at a church camp at about age 10.
46. I went with my best friend.
47. They gave an invitation to pray with a counselor and Lisa got up and walked away.
48. I hadn't been paying attention much, so I didn't know where Lisa had gone and followed her.
49. I prayed with a counselor to accept Jesus into my heart.
50. God's love was very real and important to me in the years following my parents divorce.
51. I was considered a goody-two-shoes in school.
52. I have never done any recreational drugs.
53. But I have been drunk.
54. But I've never had a hang-over.
55. I learned a lot more about the Bible and my faith while I was in college.
56. The main thing that changed in my faith in college was that I realized the Bible was more than just a nice ideology, but was supposed to be lived out.
57. I also realized that Jesus didn't just die for the sins of the whole world, but He died for my sins.
58. These were really surprising things to me at the time.
59. I graduated from nursing school in 4 years.
60. That is hard to do because you need to get a lot of credits.
61. I got 15 credits that I needed by going on a geography field trip around the US and some of Canada the summer before my senior year.
62. The US seemed much smaller to me after the trip. (Not in a bad way but in a sense that it is accessible. You really can just hop in a car and drive across the country!)
63. I love to travel!
64. I wish I could take a month off work and travel around Europe, or just about anywhere, really.
65. I have been to Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina (only for 3 hours), Brazil (1 hour), Paraguay, India, and England (1 day layover in London).
66. I save coins from countries that I have visited.
67. I'm really bummed I didn't make it to Europe before they implemented the Euro.
68. I have a bunch of frequent flyer miles, but haven't gotten around to using them yet.
69. I am a pretty open person.
70. I will give an honest answer to just about any question someone asks me.
71. I don't always offer up my opinion or my personal experiences unless I am asked.
72. I like to think and talk about social and/or political issues.
73. I don't generally feel like I have enough information to form a solid opinion about social issues or politics.
74. I think that's why I really enjoy documentaries.
75. I value learning from other people's experience.
76. I am taking an online defensive driving course because of my speeding ticket last month.
77. I am learning that I am not as safe a driver as I thought I was.
78. I still think some of the defensive driving suggestions are unrealistic.
79. I am a slob.
80. I have stacks of papers on the floor of my side of our office.
81. I have a system for putting very important papers and items in specific places so that they will not get lost.
82. I am pretty disciplined about following through with that.
83. It's the semi-important stuff that stacks up and gets forgotten about.
84. I am amazed at Denis' patience with my mess.
85. I had a Siamese cat before i got Phoebe and Monica
86. Ginger was a stray from the apartment complex I was living in at the time.
87. I let her come in during a snow storm.
88. She was definitely a stray cat!
89. She bit me 5 times during the first month I had her.
90. Each time was less intentional, or I would have taken her to the humane society.
91. It was an amazing feeling to realize that I had won her over.
92. She died only a year later of kidney failure.
93. I was terribly sad when she died.
94. I'm so glad that I got two cats together the next time.
95. I asked for a "bonded pair" so that they wouldn't be alone while I was at work or away overnight.
96. Denis is not really a cat person. (oops, this is supposed to be about me...)
97. Denis loves ME, so he accepted my cats. (he is quite fond of Phoebe and puts up with Monica)
98. My clothing is always covered in cat hair.
99. Denis sometimes lint-rollers me before we go out in public.
100. I hope you enjoyed my list.


Rachel said...

I enjoyed your list. #99 made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed reading how you came to know Christ. How awesome that you knew Christ and could feel his love for you during the painful experience of your parents divorce. He gives the best hugs!

Nixter said...

I love your list and got to know lots more things about you that I didn't already know.

I love that Denis rollers you before you go out sometimes - very cute ;)

I know a good book calld 'How to get things done' my boss swears by it, might help with your pile of papers. There is also a website but the book is good for office and home - it doesn't separate life and work either. Check it out ;0

ps My grandfather was a drunk too, he wasn't a very nice man - he fell in the canal one night when he was drunk and drowned - alcohol = not good.

joeks said...

Stacks of papers--I can relate. (Oh, that they were Only on the floor in the office!)
Siamese cats--Ours (since I was in grade school) have always been nice ones. I love how they will have a conversation with you.
Hugs from God--I agree with Rachel

kristina said...

15. I color my hair partly because Denis prefers it colored.
- that is nice of you

24. My parents were divorced when I was 11 years old.
25. My father was an alcoholic.
- i didn't know that

42. My father died when I was in college during spring break.
- that must have been hard

99. Denis sometimes lint-rollers me before we go out in public.
- that is funny

I enjoyed your list even if you were peer - pressured into it.

Martha said...

#99 is definitely the funniest. I think it has made us all laugh.

Kim said...

I am the only one in my family that doesn't wear glasses either. And I probably cried when my older sister got them and I didn't. Craig thinks I need them though. I love documentaries too. They make things more real.

gmjlm2 said...

Yep, 99. is funny!!
60. Or you start when you are in your 40's and clep out of lots of credits! Life does teach you a lot.
89. One of the reasons you are so special to me, you patience with "strays" of any kind. :)

Tracy said...

I'm glad you're all liking my list and learning more about me.

Nixter, thanks for the tip. I'll go check out that website.
Joeks, my stacks are primarily in our office because Denis patrols the rest of the house.
GMJ, there are unique rewards to investing in "strays". I wish I did it more often.

To all, Denis brings a lot of fun and humor to my life...

Kim said...

Does Denis walk around with a flash light and point to piles that are out of place? That's what I picture when you say he patrols the rest of the house. He would be using that flashlight in every room of my house.

T said...

99 is I think about the only one I did not know about you.
cool eh?

Priscilla said...

I really enjoyed your list! You sound like a fabulous person! I can relate to the paper problem too!

I can also relate to the awkwardness of returning to school after your break. My brother died over a school break too. "How was your break?" became a dreaded question.