Saturday, March 24, 2007

Turning Thirty by Randy Stonehill

Do you remember Randy Stonehill? He was one of the fathers of the Christian Rock genre in music. I first heard his music in college. I'm 40 now, not thirty, but the words are still meaningful:

I've got a house down by the ocean.
The rent is not too high.
And I love to watch the ships come in
and hear the seagulls cry.
And lately I've been taking stock
of all that I've been through.
Oh tomorrow is my birthday.
Feels funny but it's true
I'm turning thirty.

Now I've got a wife who really loves me.
She makes my life so sweet.
And a little baby daughter
who plays games around my feet.
And my world is very different
from lost lazy bachelor years.
But if I had the chance to go back
I'd rather stay right here
turning thirty.

And I have friends who care about me.
They're the best i've ever had.
And they always stood behind me
whenever times got bad.
And I love to play my music
though the road can be at trial.
But every time I walk on stage
it's worth each dusty mile.
Turning thirty.

Well, now thirty ain't like fifteen.
And it's not like twenty-five.
My back's a little stiff
and there're some lines around my eyes.
But I've still got my energy
and I've got most of my hair.
And I'm not too old to rock 'n roll
and I'm not really scared
of turning thirty.
I wrote this song eight years ago.
My, how time flies and so do I.

Oh, the nineties look like tough times.
The world is turning sour.
So I'll keep on serving jesus
and await the final hour.
And though I've often failed him
in these thirty rocky years.
His mercy brought me this far
and his love has dried my tears.
I'm turning thirty
I'll treasure these years.
I'm turning thirty
I'll treasure these years turning thirty.


T said...

we saw him at jesus nw and he opened for a couple of other concerts..... I still like him......except the starling song.LOL.

Martha said...

Good song.
Hope you love being 40!

gmjlm2 said...

Don't remember him, but I like this song.

Kim said...

That's a nice photo. Those are some tall candles.

kristina said...

He was one of the first Christian artists I learned about. That is a nice photo of you. You are very pretty and I never would have guessed you were anywhere near 40.

Martha said...

The photo is beautiful!

Nixter said...

You look hot - nice photo ;)

Tracy said...

AW, Shucks! Thanks everyone. :o)