Thursday, March 08, 2007

Latest project

My mom lives next door in a small house on my brother's property. Last year, we had a nice new sidewalk poured leading from her carport up to her front door. It's a great improvement over the cement pavers that Mom had used to construct a make-shift pathway before. However, it wound up creating a dam that stopped the rainwater from flowing down and away from her door. It does rain quite a bit here (maybe you have heard that about Oregon... :o) So, there was my mom outside in the pouring rain, bailing water from in front of her house to around the corner.

Not to worry. Denis found a solution. He bought a small water pump that would fit into a standard size bucket, dug a hole, fit the pump into the bucket with the hose headed out to the driveway. From there the water will run downhill to our city-approved drainage system which pumps out to the street. The system was recently put to the test when we had a few days of rain:

Before turning on the pump.

One minute later


kristina said...

yay, Denis!

Sorry, I am not understanding- your mom lives next to you?

Tracy said...

Yes. My brother gave me a small parcel of his land to build my house on. The property that still belongs to him has two houses on it. My mom's house is nearest to mine and my brother's house is right on the street. There are renters in it since my brother moved to Ohio.

So it's like a flag lot, three houses share the same long drive off the main road.

Martha said...

An outside sump pump! Amazing! Your husband must be brilliant.

Tracy said...

The tricky part was finding a pump that was small enough to fit into the standard bucket. Most of them are too big for that.

Yeah, he's pretty smart. :o)

Rachel said...

What a great idea!

gmjlm2 said...

So, ya made lemonade again! good job. Now looking at the site, I think how about some ferns, or cana lillies? :)

Kim said...

There's a lot of people doing watershed friendly gardens around here and using rain barrels too. That's what I thought of when I saw this but I don't do either one. As long as that water doesn't end up in the basement. Wait, maybe you don't have a basement. I hope your cold is better and the Denis is taking good care of you.

Priscilla said...

I think we need one of these in our side yard during the spring and heavy rains.

kristina said...

It is nice that you are close to your mom. Where are Denis' folks?

I wish I had a garden. Even a balcony would be nice. My indoor plants are thriving. I feed them dirty fish water when I clean the aquarium.

Tracy said...

GMJ, We were talking about putting in some plants by Mom's front door this year. They have to be low maintenance though.

Kim, you're right. We have no basements. Just slab construction with a crawlspace. That was a strange thing for Denis when he moved here.

Kris, Denis' folks live in Iowa. His brother is in OK and sister in NE. That idea of a the dirty fish water for your plants is really brilliant! you've got homemade fertilizer right there. I'm so impressed.

Anonymous said...

I am probably too late for people to come back and read more. the sump pump is WONDERFUL. Such a smart man Tracy married. Right after we had our 3 inches of snow, we had rain and melting snow. Looks like my bailing days are over. YEAH!!!!!!!!
Yes, and the plants if they put any in, gotta be low maintenance. I seem to be able to kill most plants... Tracy's MOM

spannalise said...

hi tracy,
yes i'm Rodeo Clown's little sister.
i'm in the states as an Au Pair.
and i'm grumpy and wanna go home.
but i'm gonna give it one last go, then if it doesn't work out, home sweet home i'll go.

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i've struggled alot in alot of areas but when it comes to purity i'm really pushing it hard right now because of an incident from back home.
but yeah.
i'm in Frederick Maryland...boring...hahaha, i think i'd rather be in NY or Cali, but hey.
we'll see where god takes me soon enough
heart out