Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's been a week

Wow! It's been a week since I posted anything. Sorry about that.

Denis and I have been planning some trips for this summer. First, we are going to spend nearly a week in Portland visiting the friends we still have there and getting to some of our favorite city spots. We generally only get up there for a weekend here and there and never seem to have enough time. I imagine that a week won't be enough to time do all that we would like to do either, but it will be fun to try. This trip is in mid-May. On our agenda so far:

1. Going to Saturday Market to browse the handicrafts, listen to live music and eat from the food booths (it's always hard to settle on one choice).
2. Attending the Saturday evening church service that I used to go to regularly.
3. Have a meal with T and GMJ (hopefully sample some of GMJ's specialties).
4. A party with some of my coworkers from my last job before I moved here to Medford.
5. Eat at Le Bistro Montage (cajun) and Pho Van (vietnamese).
6. Ride the tram up to "Hospital Hill" (where the University, Veterans and Shriner's hospitals are all located).
7. See an IMAX movie at OMSI
8. See our good friends' brand new baby girl - she will be two weeks old.
9. Browse the trendy shops on NW 23rd Av.
10. Maybe catch some live music venues.
11. Stay at one of the quirky, historic McMennamin's hotels.
12. Spend some time with as many of our friends that we can fit into the week.

See how long the list gets? Oh dear... we are going to have to prioritize.

OH, the other trip is hopefully going to take place in July - a two week driving trip to Jackson, WY, Missoula, MT, Courdelaine Lake, ID and Yakima, WA. I'll have to write about that one later.


Rachel said...

Wow, it sounds like your going to be busy! It looks fun! We only have 2 long weekend trips planned so far, they're both in July. I'm trying to think of what to sign the kids up for this summer.

Priscilla said...

That all sounds fun. I don't have any trips planned yet. Hopefully I will go visit Dunja in CT.

Kim said...

That sounds like fun. The summer one does too. We are going to Texas next weekend to visit Craig's aunt. We may do a few days up north in the early summer. We are still waiting for a referral so we can't plan too far ahead.

gmjlm2 said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Denis, How about some seafood gumbo or homemade tamales? your choice. :o)

Tracy said...

Ooooohhh! They both sound just wonderful. I will have to run it past Denis. (I don't think he's a big tamale fan, so i predict it will be gumbo).