Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cleaning day

Tomorrow we are having our church home group at our house. I'm looking forward to it, but I have been cleaning like crazy today. We haven't had people over in a while, which is a pity. We have gotten out of our habit of having a family from church over once a month. It is always good motivation for cleaning house! :o)

I'm making the main dish and salad. I decided to do both a green salad and a pasta salad that I created and have made several times with raving reviews. I bought a bunch of chicken but I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do with it. It will be in some sort of marinade with rice, I think.

Here's what I put in my pasta salad (no specific quantities):
cooked small shells pasta
cooked salad shrimp
finely chopped
*green onion
*yellow bell pepper
*water chestnuts (rinsed)

stir in a small amount of mayo (not too moist)
season with salt and Mrs. Dash

The Lady's retreat was really good. One of Martha Peace's books was my reading assignment for premarital counseling. And I must honestly say that I didn't follow her writing style very well. But it was really nice to meet the woman behind the book and get to know more about her. Her passion is to teach women to think Biblically about the issues that come up in our daily lives. The four topics that she taught on this weekend were feminism, depression and anxiety, relationships and vanity. Always the focus was putting off worldly wrong thinking and renewing our minds to think according to Scripture. I also really enjoyed the interaction with women who were there. When we talk at church, we never seem to get to talk as long as we want, so it was nice to have less distractions.


Martha said...

I have very much missed attending a ladies' study this year and am hoping to be able to get involved somewhere in September. You are right, talking at church just isn't quite the same.

Priscilla said...

The salad sounds yummy! I agree! Women need each other! I love my girlfriends!

Martha said...

Right now I love my blog. I don't get out much. :(

Rachel said...

I really enjoy my women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings. It's a Community Bible Study so it's women from many different churches, coming together. It's great meeting new people and developing new friendships, although this year it has seemed a bit overwhelming at times due to my work schedule. I may take a little break from it next year.
Your salad sounds really yummy! Maybe I'll have to try making some.

gmjlm2 said...

Oh yeah, your pasta salad and Carl's bbq ribs for dinner tonight! Thanks for the recipe!

Tracy said...

I'm glad you all like the sounds of my salad. You'll have to let me know how it tastes to you.

My lady's bible study is over for the summer, so I'm sure I'll be missing it before too long.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy!
I'm a blogger too! Though I haven't updated in a while.

Tracy said...

Faye, I can't get to your blog because your profile is not public. Do you want to send me your blog address so i can visit you?