Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring is coming in Southern Oregon

It really is! I know that it is hard to believe for my East Coast friends, but here is the proof:

The daffodils are peeking out their little greenery. We planted these bulbs this past fall. It will be fun to see what they look like in our yard.

The sweet peas are trying their best to climb the strings that will lead them to the trellis Denis built for them. Hopefully soon our clematis will wake up and join them.

Other plants that are showing signs of spring growth are all the irises, the day lillies, and the painted daisy. We are so spoiled here in Medford that spring comes really early. I hope these pictures cheer you all up and don't make you too jealous of me... :o)

So, you may be wondering what on earth has kept me so busy that I couldn't find time to blog this week. Hmmm... let me see, what was it? Oh yeah, we went to Eugene, Oregon over the weekend for an ADA walk planning committee thing (I went to that and Denis browsed the REI store.) It was a three hour drive up North on Friday and then we came back on Saturday after the meeting. On Monday, I worked an extra day for one of my coworkers who was on vacation. It turned out to be a nice easy day for me. Yay! Tuesday, I went shopping for groceries to make a fancy Valentine's Day meal and ran out of time in the evening. ( I was going to start preparing some of the dishes that night). So, on Wednesday, I recruited Denis to help me cook. We had a lovely meal and then went to spend some time with a single friend of mine. So, then we just have work Thursday and here we are at today! Any questions?


kristina said...

Yeh! She's back and bringing spring with her!

Rachel said...

Wow, spring! We won't wee that until April probably. We have been enjoying our winter though.

Priscilla said...

I just can't imagine spring coming in February! Wow!

Martha said...

Well, we had spring here back in January. It came complete with sprouting perenials and dandelions in the grass. The trees were budding and it was 56 degrees. The ducks and geese were swimming on the "pond" and I was wondering where winter was hiding. Guess we found out!

Nixter said...

How is the gym going?

Tracy said...

Well. I went today. I guess I have missed about 5 days since I started going a month ago. Not too bad, but I'm starting to find more excuses the last few days. :o)

The daffodil greenery is getting noticeably larger every couple of days!

Nixter said...

Good on you, we have decided Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun. 4 times is pretty good and manageable..

Welld one you - keep it you, you know you can do it! I miss seeing you on Skype though, but I have been busy busy busy at work..