Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hey friends! Sorry that it has been so long since I wrote anything. I can't even claim that I have been very busy. Just didn't have anything astronomical to write about. Life is just going along around here.

I've been going to the gym every day since I started. I figure the best way to develop a habit is to do it each day. I have to go yet tonight, or it will be the first time I break my new good habit.

I went to another scrap-booking workshop and got a few more pages done. I'm almost up to December, 2005 in my pictures, so I still have a ways to go, but I plan to go again next month. I've also recruited my mom to work with me. It would be hard to work on the same book, so my plan is to divide and conquer by having her work on one of the stacks of photos that will all go in a different album.

I haven't even been cooking lately. Oh, I did make rocky road last week. It was really yummy. A recipe that I got from my church choir director when I was in Jr. High. It's easy and I still remember the recipe. Do you want it? Here you go:

  • 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 bag butterscotch chips
  • 1 cup peanut butter
Melt those three ingredients together in a bowl (You can do this in a double boiler, but it is easy just to throw it in the microwave. Just don't cook them too long or they'll burn. They will not melt fully until you stir them.)
Meanwhile, butter a baking dish (something you would cook brownies in) and sprinkle peanuts and mini marshmallows in the bottom. Pour the melted chocolate mixture over and cool.

Voila! Trust me, they're delicious.


Tracy said...

Well, I'm not going to the gym tonight because my car battery is dead. I had left my trunk open all day because some gasoline spilled in there and I wanted to air it out. So the little trunk light was on and drained my battery. Denis is at work, so I'm just out of luck. Bummer!

Nixter said...

Well done on going to the gym, I am very impressed - good on you.

The rocky road sounds scrummy yummy...

kristina said...

Rocky Road sounds delicious. Too bad about the car battery though. I hope you are not to bummed out about the gym.

gmjlm2 said...

Oh yuummy, on the rocky road ! Sorry about the car, but some things are a blessing in disguise, wait and see, and if you are feeling sooo guilty, run in place :o)

Martha said...

I had a dead battery Wed evening. Somebody left a door cracked open. We went out to go to church and ended up staying home instead. Hubby wasn't here to jump start the van.

Priscilla said...

Once I left my lights on when I went to clean someone's house. This was quite a clients were not home. They lived in a nice suburban neighborhood, so I knocked on some doors and found stranger to jump start my car.