Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Hurrier I Go

The behinder I get...

I'm in the home stretch of working extra hours for a coworker's vacation. She returns next week and I can go back to my half time hours. (I'm such a whimp!) This has been a very busy stretch of 4 weeks.

  • Working 4 days each week.
  • Planning and participating in the ADA walk for Diabetes.
  • Packing and going away for a camping weekend with my coworkers.
  • Two evening meetings this week.

Tomorrow is the official end of my craziness. I will probably rebel against any productive activity for a couple of days.


Rachel said...

Wow, what a schedule! I can't do 4 days of Dental Hygiene anymore, 3 is my max. I used to work 32 hours a week, which I consider full time. I really love working the 2 day weeks. I guess I'm spoiled.

Priscilla said...

I've been noticing it has been quiet at your blog. This explains it.

lm1 said...

mmmmhmmm.... does rebelling include blogging more and chatting?
I hope so.
cause i do miss our chats.

Tracy said...

yes, should be.

Nixter said...

woo hoot - it is over. Sorry I missed you on Skype. I am back now though ;)