Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

I coerced Denis to watch the BBC miniseries with me. It's the version that I was introduced to by my British roommate when I was living in Bolivia, so it's my favorite. There have been so many different TV and movie adaptations of this famous Jane Austen novel. I think this version is the least known by Americans, but I have read opinions that it does the best job of developing the secondary characters.

Denis' assessment was that it started out slow, but by the end it was more interesting. He quite liked the sarcastic lines delivered throughout by the Bennett father. I really like the way the story develops and how it explores different character's points of view. Charlotte is my favorite story line. When she first tells Lizzie of her theories of marital happiness, Lizzie doesn't believe that she means it. But as time goes on, we see that Charlotte did indeed mean every word she said.

And then Mr. Darcy. I like the scene when Lizzie is walking the grounds of the Darcy estate and finally starting to get an idea of what the man is really like. And it turns out he is not at all what she thought.

If you have never been acquainted with Pride and Prejudice, you get another chance with the recently made movie version. It has gotten good reviews.

What are your favorite lines or moments from Pride and Prejudice?


Priscilla said...

I've never seen it. Maybe I ought to.

Martha said...

I liked the part where the father says something about silly women. Wish I could remember it better. I haven't seen the movie for a couple of years now. Maybe its time to watch it again. Hmmm... when do I have a spare 5 hours?

Priscilla, its a ling movie but its actually etter the second time you watch it.

Martha said...

Its "long" and "better".

Tracy said...

The dialogue is just SO good. It really pays to listen carefully. That's probably one reason why it is better the second time around. You catch the dialogue better.

Mom said...

I have the black and white version with Laurance Olivier and Greer Garson. Tracy, have you watched that one to compare?????

Tracy said...

Yes, I have seen it. The thing that I noticed that was different was the conversation with Mr. Darcy's aunt at the end.

Of course there is also a lot more detail in the story and character development in the 5 hour long miniseries than in the old classic movie. It would be interesting to see how they made it fit into the new one too.