Monday, May 22, 2006

My apologies

I have been so neglegent in writing on my blog lately. But here is the latest.

Denis has been hard at work in our garden. He completed the little rock wall that now surrounds our front planting bed (that was more work than he was anticipating) and now we have little creeping plants put in along the edge of the wall. See how it looked before the wall in a previous post.

We also mail ordered three roses and planted them. The last rose to go in our front yard is called Velvet Fragrance, and we put one shrub rose and one climber in the back yard. One is Rosalina Rugosa and the other is Darlow's Enigma . We planted some lavendar and california poppies together for a nice low maintenance area. But so far, the california poppies (which were planted as seeds) have not made a showing.

I've been watching a Spanish language soap opera to keep my spanish up. It is surprisingly effective. I am understanding more of the dialogue now than I did at the beginning. I have a coworker who is also watching it, so we get to talk about it together. The soaps in spanish are not perpetual like they are here. They last for a certain number of episodes and then they end.

We finally bought our plane tickets for a summer vacation that we have been planning for a while. We are flying into St. Louis, MO to visit friends that we each have there for a week. Then we will meet up with my brother and his family to drive back to Ohio with them and stay for a week. It's exciting that we get to combine the two trips with an open-jaw flight. Denis' best friend from high school lives in Columbia, MO. Within the last year a friend of mine and his wife bought a bed and breakfast in the same town! So we will get to visit two good friends during the same trip. Then, it just so happens that my brother and his family will be in St. Louis for a Partylite candle convention. (my sister-in-law sells it). That is why we will be able to drive with them to Ohio. It is all very providential and we're very happy. That will be in July.

I think that is all the news for today.

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Mom said...

it's a great photo, but much prettier seeing it in person.
Plus, I am jealous, your roses are inn bloom and mine isn't as yet.