Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Progress report

I mentioned in a previous post that I had pruned my roses quite agressively. Since there was some concern expressed as to their (the roses) well-being due to subsequent frost, I thought I would show you how they are doing now. I'm happy to report that our roses have survived my abuse and some of our other flowers are in full bloom. It's so exciting to see how they have spread in the last year. We planted all of our beds just last year. Some of these plants were quite small and anemic-looking when we put them in. Here you can see creeping flox, candytuft and lithodora that have all started blooming. We also have annual dianthus that don't realize that they are not supposed to be coming back this year and our perrennial dianthus, not wanting to be outdone, has a lot of blooms that are about to open. Plans for this year include planting gladiolus all along a front wall of the house, a small rock retaining wall to stop the rain from washing away all our topsoil in this bed that you can see in the picture, and another rose or two. We'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Phlox is the correct spelling. Great site otherwise.

Tracy said...

Thank you for the correction, dear. (that was my hubby) I love you.

lm1 said...

alright dennis glad to know you can't spell...coooollll....LOL
nice yard and outside of the house...i can't wait to see it!
you need some chairs out on the porch:)

MOM said...

O U speling freeks mak mee laf. LOL
WTG and all that stuf
She really should have taken a foto of my rose bush which she also pruned. She dun gud.
Perhaps when I got roses on it, she will show that 1 off. Her MOM

lm1 said...

OH MY GOSH you "tracys" mama are soooo funny you had me rollen so much that darren (hubby) wanted to know who i was talking to.
you still got your humor
luv it.