Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's new?

Well, let's see. It's been quite a while since I posted anything about our life here in the Rogue Valley. There must be something going on...

We had some friends over for lunch after church on Sunday. It was a family of five who we really have enjoyed getting to know. I made black refried beans a la Rachel Ray and we had a tortilla bar. Afterwards, we played some games. We finally broke out our game of Taboo and had a lot of fun with that.

We have been trying to invite people over more often lately to entertain. We are going to try to have a family over at least once a month.

To change the subject - I taped the movie Chicago when it played on TV and watched about half of it. What a dumb movie. Here is the review that I wrote and posted on Netflix:

"So I have been wanting to watch this movie since it came out because of all the awards that it received. I was curious about these actors doing their own singing and had heard that they performed quite well. I tried, I really tried, but I could not sit through the whole thing. The main characters of this story are entirely unsympathetic characters. The women have killed men in cold blood. These murders were not the aftermath of years of physical and mental abuse, which is why most real women are in prison for murder. The only prisoner who might have an interesting story, sings her tale in Russian, so we don't even know what her plight is. The lawyer is in it for his own gain. The prison matron takes money for favors. So if it's not about the characters, then maybe it's about the musical numbers? If so, they certainly didn't float my boat. All sexy, scantally-clad women dancing around in suggestive ways. I suppose that really appeals to plenty of people, but I found it unattractive and rather offensive. I found no good reason to keep watching Chicago past the half-way point. Frankly, I should have turned it off about 30 minutes in."

But we did recently watch an interesting documentary about the Debolt family. They adopted a bunch of special needs kids so that now they have 20 children. Four of them are biological and the rest are all adopted. Most of the adopted kids have physical disabilities and many are from Vietnam. It was encouraging to see the independence that they have fostered in all their kids. Inspiring stuff.


lm1 said...

hey baby,
so thanks for the heads up on the movie...you know darren and I tryed that once a month ting and it was not that bad, however it does get expencive at least it did for us...plus nobody invited us over....:( mabey cuz we gots kids under 7 oh well... life goes..
we now have a new barbie and are really looking forward to summer so that we can use it with our friends...How are you and dennis at dominos? thats our big game here.
lots of luv

Tracy said...

We were inspired to have people over because we were invited to another family's house. They said they had decided on once a month, so we kind of copied them. Hopefully, we'll keep it up.

Dominoes. I have played before. I think with you and your folks in OK. Never played with Denis, so i don't know if he plays or not. We are more into cards, but really just enjoy games in general.

BTW, when I first read you got a new "barbie", I thought you meant the doll.... But I figured it out from the context. :o)

lm1 said...

"barbie" is my way of avoiding the spelling issue... LOL :p

Allison Shaw said...

I had game night at my house a couple of weeks ago too. We broke out Taboo also & had a blast. The buzzer thing got a little out of hand but it was fun! I told Shelli we should bring the buzzer to work...if a patient calls to much or has frequent requests we could buzz them!! =)

Take care, Allison

Tracy said...


That's really funny about the buzzer at work idea. We actually didn't use the buzzer because the game was new and we didn't have a battery in it. We went on the honor system and since there were kids playing, we weren't too strict with the rules anyway.

So was your game night people from work?