Saturday, March 11, 2006

Snow day

It snowed here! For those of you in distant areas, this is a rather unusual occurance around here. Here is the snow man that my mom and I built on Friday.

I had a very busy week at work. First I worked on Sunday evening at my old job in the hospital. Then, I worked Tuesday for one of my coworkers who was sick and then my regular days - Wed.-Fri. So it was kind of nice that my clients cancelled their appointments due to the snow and I was able to go home early.

Now I am enjoying my weekend off. I am writing this on Sunday and our poor snowman's head just fell off today.


lm1 said...

WOOT WOOT wow your mom did good.
love the snowed here last week...not enough for snow man
but enough that the kids were able to go and get totally wet and then want of course HOT CHOCOLET

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

I love the snow. I FINALLY live in a place that snows every once in a while. I just love it.