Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 2010! We're careering towards a new decade. (BTW, after discussion with a friend yesterday, I've learned that the new decade doesn't start till 2011, so now you know!)

Are you making any resolutions this year? I'm not - I try to avoid making resolutions because I know that I'll never achieve them. However, I did join a group in my church that plans to read through the Bible in a year. I've read through the Bible a couple of times, but the only time I managed to do it within a year was the year that I spent at Multnomah Seminary. Through the course of the school year, we did study all the books and reading them was homework.

This year, I've chosen to use the Chronological arrangement and read it in the Amplified Version. Both of these choices are geared towards making it fresh and hopefully keeping my attention. The thing that often happens when I endeavor for getting through a designated section is that it gets really rote. So, I've never read one of those Chronological Bibles before, so that will be new. And using the Amplified Version means that the wording will not be as familiar to me. I'm looking forward to it. Today was day 2, so far so good, but that's not saying much yet... :o)

I've thought about blogging quite a number of times in the last two weeks, but my computer is being a dweeb and it's too difficult to sort my photos and do stuff with them. I'm typing this on Denis' computer. I'll be taking mine into a repair place on Monday to see if they can find what's making it sooooooo slow.


judi said...

Your computer, my camera. Ha! never operator trouble is it?
Really my computer is so old, it is just past dos. :o)

Tracy said...

My computer is only about 2 years old too. It's slow as mollassis. Denis recently had his worked on to remove some viruses, so we think perhaps I got some too. Also, I'm going to have more RAM added.

kristina said...

Wow. I hope it goes well. I have never tried to read the bible in a year. The chronological approach sound like something I would like.