Saturday, December 12, 2009

a new post

Well, I just caught up with reading my friends blogs. It's been quite a while since I've been following them. It seems some action is picking up again as people are writing a bit more steadily again. Shall I join the ranks?

I'll give it a shot.

If you are my friend on Facebook, you probably know that we put down one of our cats yesterday. I've had Phoebe and Monica for about 10 years, which is hard to believe. Bringing Joey into the house two years ago just about did in Phoebe, but she made a miraculous recovery. And now it's Monica who got ill and we had to say goodbye. She got sick very quickly, but I've already written all about that elsewhere.

I just mention it here to say that I've been just kind of blah and dull today. Not much motivation to do much. It seems a bit silly to be depressed over losing a cat, but so be it. I know that I'll feel better soon.

We were supposed to go get our Christmas trees today, but it was quite icey and slick on the roads this morning, so we decided to put it off. Hopefully we will be able to go tomorrow, because Mom is really looking forward to it.

Ho Hum... that's about it for now. It was really fun to read you all's posts. It's nice to see more action on the blogs again.


Priscilla said...

I am sorry to hear about Monica. I don't think it seems silly at all. We get so attached to these wonderful animals God created for us to love. How is Phoebe taking it?

I was happy to see your comment on my blog. I'm trying to pick it up again. I got out of the habit...and it had been so much fun!

Join the ranks and add some pics too!

judi said...

Welcome back. Sorry about your kitty, that is hard to feel and hear. Echoing Priscilla, how is Phoebe taking it? I bet Joey is big now.
I don't follow FB much I always seem to get a "bug" on my computer after I have visited it.

AMG said...

Oh Tracy, I am so sorry. Our pets mean a lot to us. Yours have been a special part of your life. I am sorry.

Tracy said...

Phoebe seems to be fine. She's maybe a bit clingy, but she's always been the type to follow us into whatever room we are in. I noticed her looking behind a door and under the bed yesterday... maybe looking for Monica. The vet said that cats don't seem to mourn as much as dogs do because they are so independent. They could tell she was sick and weren't bothering her. Joey seems a bit more bored than usual, he usually pestered tolerant Monica when he wanted someone to chase him.

Martha said...

Our animals become almost like children to us. I'm not sure why it is that way, but it is. We miss them just like we miss people. Time eases the pain. I'm glad you have the other two to love on. It helps just a little bit.

Alison said...

Very sorry to hear about Monica, losing pets is so hard.

joeks said...

Oh, sorry about Monica. Not at all silly to feel as you do.
We've been freezing with temps in the single digits. But at least the wind isn't blowing, like it did last week with the 12 inches of snow we got!