Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Post

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I last wrote something... I guess I've been suffering from the same blog inspiration drought that a lot of my friends have been. Maybe it's contagious!

Well, it's time for it to end, so here I am typing something... I have had several ideas about things to write over the last month and a half. Hmmm... Let's see now.

Okay, here's one: Bad news - I got another traffic ticket. It happened the day before we left for Australia.
Good news - I can take the online traffic school again to have it removed from my record.
Bad news - I still had to pay a heft fine.
Good news - at least I'm supporting our city's budget in these rough economic times.
Bad news - I felt more annoyed than guilty when I was pulled over this time. It was a rolling stop at a four way stop. No school zone this time, no one's life in danger. I honestly think that he was giving a rookie cop some practice at writing up the ticket since it took him about 10 minutes to write it up.
Good news - I have till Jan 12th to do the online school. I'd better get going on it...


kristina said...

I know! Most of the blogs have been slow. I had my slowest month ever. I was wondering why I couldn't come up with anything- it's not like I've stopped thinking altogether.

I hate traffic tickets too. I figure I probably have it coming because I usually drive too fast. I don't know anything about online traffic school, but if you find out if a two way stop is 'left turn yield' or 'first come first go' let me know.

joeks said...

I posted. Maybe my drought is over!

Ruth said...


I kept checking and checking....but no new post....I always love your posts.