Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

Well, it's Christmas Eve. The presents are all bought and (almost) all wrapped and under the tree. The cats are waiting for all the action to begin... I thought I'd put up a bit of Christmas music on the blog to get us all in the mood. These are all from Sufjan Steven's 5 disc set that we own. I love his sound - it's a nice change from the usual stuff. I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones around you.

Two weeks ago, we went to get our trees along with my mom.

Denis didn't have to work and it was so nice to have him along to man the saw. He's much stronger than my mom and I. We were very impressed with how quickly he muscled right through our little trees.

Here we are with our tree.

And here it is all decorated. Joey has not been messing with the tree as much this year. But he seems to really enjoy pine-scented water to drink... And a few ornaments have "fallen" off during the nights.


Priscilla said...

Merry Christmas

joeks said...

What is it about tree water? Our K.C. prefers it to her bowl of fresh water also!

Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

What a nice little tree! We put up an artificial one for the 1st time this year. Steven tells us that this is a sign that we're getting old, lol! I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! I love the picture of Joey sitting by the tree.

kristina said...

I have never cut down a tree. Usually I don't even have one. I like your music, it is a little different and happy.

Pablo said...

Clearly, the ornaments fall off the tree because they aren't secured properly in the first place (it has NOTHING to do with my mate Joey!)... just crossing over to the human blogosphere to wish you, Denis, your mum and the kitties a wonderful 2009. God bless! (P.S. We listened to a LOT of Sufjan at Christmas, too!)