Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Garlic - Mmmmm....

So, once you have grown your garlic and harvested it, you are supposed to hang it up to dry in a cool place. Where do you hang it when you live in an area that is 90-100 degrees for most of the summer? The garage is too hot and we have a small house.

How about the broom closet?!

It's been hanging in the closet ever since we harvested it about 5 weeks ago. It's perfect now and I'm loving cooking with it. The cloves are so perfect and white - no ugly bruises or rotting areas like what I buy in the store. And the heads are nice and big!


Martha said...

What are you cooking? It smells absolutely scrumptious! Can I have a taste?

Kim S said...

Yahoo for the garlic! I'm impressed! oh, do your mops add a garlic smell to the floors. :)