Saturday, June 14, 2008

More flowers

Is anyone getting bored with flower pictures from me? Above are our roses in bloom.

Below is our rhododendron that we planted last year. This is the first year that it's bloomed for us.
Here's a close up of the flower. I like it.

I'm getting some suggestions for a new post. Here are the options:

  1. more about our plans for Australia
  2. something about the cats
  3. something that I've read lately
  4. a movie that I've seen
  5. a project that I'm working on
  6. a friend coming to visit
  7. my thoughts about chickens
So, what's your vote? What shall I write about next?


it'sjustme said...

gotta go with the chickens. But I do love your garden photos. You are a great gardener.

AMG said...


Tracy said...

Denis is a great gardener... :o)

Judi-gmj said...

Well, chicken for sure, and your plans for Australia.
Denis, the yard looks great and next time Tracy has the camera out jump in front and pose for me, I miss your hunky cuteness :D

Kim S said...

love all flower pics! what next . . .hmmm . . . Australia plans sound fun!

it'sjustme said...

Tracy - wasn't sure where to respond, but it's fine for you to use my real name.

kristina said...

I want to hear about all of these:)
(not sure about chickens)

joeks said...

I see you went with chickens.
I'd vote for the project you're working on or cats (I've missed them!) next .