Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Big changes coming...

Denis is making a big change in his employment - it's a change to benefit his sanity rather than our pocketbook. He is changing his status in the Emergency Room to on call only. That means that he loses his full benefits as an employee and will go on my insurance. We'll pay a bit more each pay period for that.

He's been working some shifts at two other jobs for the last two months and this change will allow him to accept more work for them. One is for a local pediatrician and Denis really enjoys that one. When I ask him how his day was his reply is generally, "it was great fun!" Such a change from the stress of the ER. The other job is in the Occupational Health department of our same hospital. That job involves caring for people who have had on the job injuries as well as doing work-related physical assessments. There are some legal details to be learned in that job and it's not quite as fun, but it is a low stress environment.

Denis will still fill in with shifts in the ER, but he'll be able to pick and choose, which will be nice. He hopes to cut down on or eliminate working on Sundays so that he can attend church. Eventually, there is the chance (and we hope that this happens) that the Occupational Health job can become a half time scheduled job. That would give Denis back his benefited position. This was a bit decision and a long time coming. The big change happens in July. Now he just has to get through June... Prayers are welcomed. :o)
These are some photos of some of the more noteworthy flowers in our garden this year.


Heather said...

Hi Tracy! Wow, that is a big change, but it sounds like it will be a change that will make your lives so much better. I know God will take care of the financial part.

Your flowers are beautiful!!!!

Rachel said...

I will pray for you guys. I think sanity is far more important than money so it sounds like he's making a wise choice to me.

kristina said...

I am excited for you guys. That will be a nice change, and it's great that he will not have to give up health insurance. Church will be good too. I didn't realize he didn't get to go. Anyway, I hope and pray it all works out perfectly. The flowers are beautiful.

Oh, I hear one of my favorite songs- "If I Stand". Great! you just made my day.

joeks said...

Hey, June's already a fourth over. He'll make it!

Those last flowers, the pink ones, are so pretty and delicate.