Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Slow Day

Denis is sick. He came home early from work on Thursday night coming down with a stomach flu and he's still not feeling very well, poor thing. So I've been "taking care of him" which really only involves getting him more water to drink and keeping him company on the couch. It's been a good excuse to watch a bunch of TV and be lazy. But today, about 1:30 PM, I decided to try to be a little productive.

I cleaned our master bathroom rather thoroughly, washed the dishes, did some laundry and took out the garbage. Now, I'm making some chicken noodle soup, even though Denis only feels like eating rice (which is also cooking at the moment). We'll see if he changes his mind at some point, but I will definitely enjoy it and I can always give some to my mom.

I hope you are having a more exciting weekend than we are here. What are you up to?


Rachel said...

Hmmm lets see...we haven't done too much today either, but none of us are sick. I did some laundry, vacuumed, and picked up some clutter. I made a birthday cake. It's my oldest son's 13th birthday so we took him out for dinner, and then had gramma and grampa, and my hubby's sister over for cake and ice cream. It was a nice, relaxing day. I hope Denis feels better soon, you sound like a good wife!

Martha said...

Nothing too exciting here either. We cleaned the Sunday school rooms at church Saturday morning and went grocery shopping. When we got home Hannah wanted to play a game of Life. I like to take it easy Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. Maybe today I'll take a nap, ha ha.

kristina said...

I didn't do much Saturday either. Cleaned house, worked on my portfolio website, studied a little geography, talked to a couple of friends on the phone. That's about it.

I hope Denis is feeling better. Just having someone around for company and water is nice when you're sick.

T said...

aww!!! that is icky! hope he gets well sooon!
not much, saterday I went grocery shopping and then we all went to OMSI (oregon muesum of sience and intrestry)(with bad spelling) that was fun, if not way too noisey for me.and right now we just got home from church and the footballgame is on.
sooooo exciting...:O

Nixter said...

Sorry to hear Denis hasn't been well, hop ehe is feeling now. Chicken soup sounds lovely.

We had a nice weekend, busy but lovely - we have decided to spend the next two weekends outdoors in the lovely sunshine. I can't wait - WOO HOOT!

Priscilla said...

Hope Denis is feeling better today!

Tracy said...

He feels better each day, but still not back to normal. Today he just feels like he has no energy. He did have some soup today, though, so I'm sure that will fix him right up! :o)