Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, we had a late Christmas here. Denis had to work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so we waited until the 26th to open our gifts. Each night when Denis came home from work late (1-2 AM) he would say, "let's call your mom and open our gifts!" Nah. We wanted to have a relaxing time together, not a late night, yawning present session.

On Christmas Eve, Mom and I went to the 11 PM candlelight service at the Methodist church downtown. It was nice. And on Christmas Day a friend from my church invited us both over for her dinner. So we had an enjoyable time meeting new people while Denis slaved at work.

Well, anyway, that was almost a week ago now, and we are about set to take off for our vacation at Mt. Shasta. I'm pretty much packed and Denis is getting his last-minute stuff done. The kitties will go to visit Grandma's house while we are gone. (for more about what they think of their grandma, go visit their blog.) So, I have my camera packed with my new memory card which can take 500 pictures! I plan to experiment and hopefully I can make you all a nice snowy slide show when we return. Have a wonderful New Year celebration, whatever you have in store. I'll be back in 2007.


lm1 said...

woot woot! thats great about the pic card. I am looking forward to them. I am glad you are getting away for new years and you marraige cellibration. woot woot! how many years is it?

Priscilla said...

Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and have a wonderful trip! God bless!

Nixter said...

lm1 = it's woo hoot remember ;)

Just wanted to stop by and say hi from England, I haven't been on the computer much at all and haven't wrote much about my trip either. All is well, we leave my Mum's Tuesday morning to go back to London and then head back to Australia on Saturday :(

Can't wait to catch up soon :) Glad you had a good Christmas and have fun on your hols.

Lots of love, Nixie.

Martha said...

Happy New Year/Anniversary! The pictures are great.