Monday, December 18, 2006

Ta Da!

Well, there it is. We put up the Christmas tree last week. My mom and I went to a tree farm and cut it down about a week ago and Denis brought it in and set it in the stand. While he went out to experiment with outdoor lights, I decorated the tree (with Phoebe's help, of course).

I have a busy week ahead of me. I am working 5 days this week instead of my usual three. Denis' birthday is Thursday. He is working the days I have off and I am working the days he has off. So we won't see each other too much until our anniversary trip. I think I'm about set for Christmas shopping, but there is still wrapping to do along with other important items to accomplish as well.

What does your week look like?


Priscilla said...

Need to finish up a little shopping, wrap a few presents, clean the house, go talk to someone about health insurance, go to my daughter's Christmas program at her school....

kristina said...

That's a great tree.
Happy Birthday to Denis!
Hope you guys are out doing something fun.

Martha said...

Very nice little tree. Ours is tucked in a corner, the lights strung by my children, our meager supply of ornaments hung, along with a good supply of candy canes. The gifts showed up under the tree last night while the kids were off at a church Christmas party.