Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Music

The new CDs that I ordered arrived in the mail last night. I have them all in my CD player now.

Downhere - Wide-eyed and Mysified
David Crowder Band - A Collision
Jars of Clay - Redemption Songs
Amy Grant - Rock of Ages, Hymns and Faith
Sara Groves - Add to the Beauty


Priscilla said...

Two of the boys from Jars of Clay grew up in Rochester, NY...and I knew them when they were teenagers. I was in my early 20's and working with Young Life Ministries for teens. (Charlie Lowell and Matt Odmark)

kristina said...

There is a radio station here that plays these bands. One day last week in the shop my dad played it all afternoon. Wierd because he is an athiest and says mean things about my religion.

Tracy said...

Hmmmm Interesting. I think sometimes Christian music sounds so much like other music these days that people don't recognize that it's different. But I suppose the DJs were talking in between songs.

Priscilla, I thought that I had responded to your comment before, but I see it has disappeared. That is cool that you "knew them when". So far the Jars of Clay CD is my fav. out of the 5.

Anonymous said...

That was the amazing part- He turned past the station saying it was country, I told him it was a Christian station and he turned it back. It was loud and it was all about Jesus. I almost wanted to change it myself because it was very blatant and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable or argue with me. I thanked God for whatever it was He was doing, and prayed while I worked. Sorry I am writing so much- it was just very odd. Dad hasn't mentioned it since.

kristina said...

I am not anonymous...
I just can't make this thing work.

Priscilla said...

I really would like to see Jars of Clay in concert sometime. I'm sure Matt would remember me...but I'm not sure Charlie would. He was always very quiet and seemed so shy. Matt was always a little more talkative. I wish I had snapshot of them. I took a lot of pictures of various Young Life kids back then, but I can't find a single one with either of them in it!

Of course...I never would have guessed they'd end up famous some day. (I guess I would have made sure to take a picture) They were really quite average kids.

Tymbr said...

I totally love Jars. I've been listening to them for over a decade. You have to listen to Good Monsters. They have a few videos and songs up at YouTube already (and of course, on their MySpace page)

And on a totally unrelated note, how long did it take you to transfer everything over to beta? I'm waiting for the automatic one and using Technorati tags.

Tracy said...

Tymbr, It looks like your blog is working fine. I was able to access it. Mine switched over to beta without a hitch (which apparently, I should be quite thankful for from what I have been reading). The only catch has been that people that are not upgraded to beta have had difficulty commenting on my blog now. I like all the new user friendly stuff. I'm not knowledgeable about HTML and all that stuff, so would not have been able to do the labels and formatting changes on my own.