Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is it July already?!

What has happened in the last three months? Hmmm... let's see. Two main things stand out:

1. I started a new role at work - I am no longer doing the clinic-based diabetes classes and individual education. My new role is focused entirely on the hospital care. Up until this point, all of our diabetes dept. RN's have shared the job of rounding through the hospital, answering questions, reviewing charts of patients with high or low glucose as well as doing in-services for hospital staff, etc. Now, I am the one doing all of these things at the hospital here in Medford. I do rounds in the hospital 3 hours a day, Mon-Thurs. The rest of the time I spend planning, going to various meetings, and working on PI projects. This is a big change. I've been doing it for about two months now and so far, I don't miss the clinic stuff. I am quite passionate about us giving good care in the hospital, so I think this role is a good fit for me.

2. We went on a week-long vacation in Sonoma County, CA in June. Had a really nice time. We stayed in a cozy little cottage in a small town outside of Santa Rosa called Sebastopol. A former pharmacy student that did a rotation with our department and now lives in the East Bay area drove out of her way to meet up with us two days. IT was so fun to see her and to meet her fiancee. We sampled a bit of wine, ate at some slightly upscale restaurants, listened to some good music, had great coffee, saw the coast at Bodega Bay and drove home through the redwood forest. All in all, a relaxing time.


Martha said...

It is definitely July. A hot south wind is blowing and the temperature is forecast to reach 96 with a heat index of 102. By the way the tree branches are blowing you'd think it was cooling off, but its just heating up. Coupled with the humidity, it's downright dangerous.

Your vacation sounds lovely. Perhaps I'll find a time to get away one day.

Congrats on the new role. I hope you love it!

Heather said...

I am so glad you are liking your new role at work and your vacation sounds wonderful!! I always love to go away, but this year we are doing some fun things around our house when we have company and we are enjoying that, too:-)