Tuesday, March 09, 2010

new stuff

I was getting bored with my playlist, so I changed out a bunch of the songs. I hope you like the new mix. Remember, you can always skip a song you don't like.

I recently downloaded Google's web browser called Chrome, which is supposed to load pages faster. One of the main things that I like is how it magically syncs all the sorts of stuff that use your google ID to sign in. The browser has an extension called "blog this" that lets you go immediately to creating a new blog post from any webpage that you find interesting. I creates a link to that page and it will also bring over any text that you highlight before hitting the button. I used it to create that last post about the disability friendly family fun center.

Overall I'm liking it. it organizes the bookmarks a bit differently too, which I couldn't figure out for quite a while, but now I get it and it's easy.

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judi said...

some good tunes
I think I will check out Chrome, thanks for the tip.