Thursday, June 04, 2009

from Moline, IL

I can't get onto Facebook from this hotel computer, so I thought I'd type a little something here on my blog. So far, we've travelled at least half-way across the country and are on our way to OH tomorrow where my brother and his family live.

We had a great time visiting with Denis' sister in Nebraska. We spent a day with the nephew who has two little girls. We went to a museum and then a winery. We found out that a "dry red" in Nebraska means a sweet red in Oregon. We will be flying out there in October for our neice's wedding.

We stayed one night with Denis' folks in Iowa. Then tonight had a really nice time at dinner with three couples that Denis used to go to church with when he lived here. It was great getting to meet some of his friends who were so close.

Tomorrow, we should have just a 6 hour drive to get to Ohio and hope to make it there in time for my nephew's baseball game. That's it for now!


Martha said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderfully busy time visiting friends and family and touring the country. You are going to need another vacation by the time you get home!

joeks said...

Sounds like your trip is off to a great start! Hope you got to the ball game and it wasn't rained out or anything.
Will you be returning through Nebraska too?

judi said...

Oh you roadies! Great fun traveling isn't it? Hope to hear more chicken tails. hugs to you and Denis.

Tracy said...

Joeks, we were considering heading back on a more southern route, but changed our minds. We are going back the same way we came which is on I-80. So, it's kind of right through the middle of the state. We will stay a night in Hastings with the fam.

joeks said...

Possibility--of course depending on your travel schedule and how our calendar looks here--but Maybe we could connect in Lincoln for a bit when you're going through there. I'll try to send you an AOL message, or you could send me an email at, so I can get my phone number to you.