Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Adventures in cooking

One of Kristina's three questions last week was "What do you like to cook/bake?" In pondering my answer, it occurred to me that there is a difference for me between "what do you cook often?" and "what do you like to cook?"

The food that I cook often is stuff that I like to eat or whatever is easy. I get stuck in ruts and just do the same stuff over and over. But what I like to cook/bake is whatever is new and adventurous. I like experimentation. When people have company over, usually they cook something familiar so that they know it will turn out well. When I have company come, I usually pick something new to cook that I have never made. It's a good excuse to open up my cookbooks or magazines and try something new.

However, this makes me tend toward buying new cookbooks but then only making a few recipes out of it before I get tired of that particular method. Sigh... Well, my newest adventure is making yogurt and I was successful last night. It's pretty good. We'll see if I find this skill useful enough to make it a regular habit.

My last adventure was inspired by Christine Jolly. She wrote about this book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (on facebook, not on her blog). You make up the dough and store it in the fridge, then use it as desired for two weeks. Here's what the dough looks like

The yummiest creation was the sticky rolls. Here they are rising.

and the finished product!

I did learn I need a better container for storing my dough and I need a plan for how I will use up all the dough/bread. So this book is not in use at the moment.


Martha said...

Your sticky rolls look so inviting!Mmmmm! I'll just have imagine the taste and smell... Oh yes, very yummy!

And, you are right, you will need to eat at the Rheinblick when you are in town. It's yummy too.

Mark said...

Wow! I am feeling so hungry right now : )

Anonymous said...


Priscilla said...

That looks amazing!

Kim S said...

Oooh Tracy, Those look so good, I can almost smell the yeast rising and sugary goodness. Yum!

kristina said...

Oh wow! That looks delicious! Is is good? Is it a lot of work? Would you do it again?

Ruth said...

That looks so yummy!