Thursday, October 02, 2008

There's no place like home

Especially when your mother snuck over and cleaned the whole house while you were gone... :o) THANKS MOM!

We flew into LA 3 hours earlier than we left Sydney, then through customs and a quick 2 hour flight back to Portland. We started driving south and stopped for the night at about the half-way point. Drove into our driveway about noon today, unpacked, started the laundry, visited mom to show her our pictures, plowed through the email, checked everyone's Facebook status and here we are 7 hours later. I'm too tired to fiddle with my pictures tonight. I work tomorrow, so it will likely be the weekend before I'm organized enough to get them in a post-able state.

So sorry to keep you waiting... We had a lovely time. I'm really looking forward to showing them.


Martha said...

Welcome home and back to "the past". Aren't time zones fun?

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures.

Kim said...

Me too! Glad you're back safe. Will you scrapbook the trip?

Priscilla said...

Welcome home! That was great of your "mum"!

Rachel said...

Hey, welcome home! I can't wait to see pictures!! Hopefully you will post a bunch on facebook!

kristina said...

I am looking forward to your pics too. What a lovely mum you have.

Ruth said...

Glad you arrived home safe and sound...and to a clean house! Totally cool!

'D' misses Denis terribly, and keeps asking when you guys are coming back to stay!