Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hostess with the mostest

I'm hosting a Bible Study group at my house each monday afternoon and we met here for the first time last week. I'm so excited to have people over and get to serve in this way. But I did have a few moments of stressing as I started to place the chairs in the living room. We are expecting a total of 20 women to participate in this study and I'm having to borrow chairs to accomodate everyone. Fortunately, most weeks, probably not everyone will be able to come. The first week we had about 15 and we were just fine in the space.

I played the usual trick on Phoebe and Monica and enticed them out onto the screen porch before anyone came. I wonder if they will ever catch on to that one... And Denis hid in the bedroom. In the living room, we kept hearing noises; the shower turning on, something falling, scratching at the back door. I kept telling the ladies that we had a ghost.

We are studying a book called A House For My Name by Peter J. Leithart. It is a study of the Old Testament focusing on the themes or symbolism used through out scripture. It seems like it is going to be very helpful for understanding passages that use a lot of symbolism throughout the Bible. It's pretty deep material. I find that I have to read it with the Bible open so that I can read each passage that he is referring to and how it fits in. And, of course, that's a good thing.

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