Monday, December 05, 2005

Music in my CD player

I love to pick out 5 CDs to put in our changer as a set. I try to pick music that is related and in an order that will flow from one to the other. Right now the set is worship-oriented Contemporary Christian music. #1 Hungry by Vineyard Music, #2 Third Day - Come Together, #3 Jennifer Knapp - The Way I am, #4 Bebo Norman - Ten Thousand Days, #5 Rich Mullins - The World As Best As I Can Remember It, Volume One.

Speaking of great music, I just spent quite a bit of time listening to samples of some great artists I had never heard of. Check it out at I loved Koo Chung and Alli Rogers. I also didn't realize that Bebo Norman was part of a Christmas project called "Joy". There is some terrific sounding Christian music out there.

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